Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My Favourite Photograph

My first real practical machine I made was a humble pinhole camera, I could of gone with the blindingly obvious of my Mothers backing tin and stuck a hole in the side of it, but true to form I went seeking bits of old timber from the battered shed at the bottoms of my Grandad's garden and made myself a light tight box which could of been mistaken for an antique on Bargain hunt.
After strenuous  hours of taking what seemed like a hundred photographs just to learn the time of the exposure to gain a image, I had appeared to have cracked the mysterious code of the pinhole camera. So I jumped in my Grandad's car and went for a ride. After about half an hour we arrived at a suitable location. I placed my camera on top of the car and opened up the hole and waited an anxious 30 seconds.
When I got back I hurried up to my dark room and started to develop my piece of empty paper, once in the developer the magic started to happen, an image appeared, at first it was only a faint outline of what I could call a image, once fully developed and in the light I saw the true beauty of this picture. It might never make it up on the walls of the Tate but to me this was an amazing achievement as it was my first real success with a pinhole camera.

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